Starting New Life Ventures

Our oldest son is preparing to leave the nest. He is joining the United States Navy. He is very excited to be heading into this part of his life. He talks about the travel, and the work he will be doing, how they have told him boot camp will be and what to expect. He is preparing himself and I for what will happen once he gets off the plane and arrives at the navy barrack’s. I personally  have feelings of anxiety, joy, pride, fear and love.

I am dad though.

He is starting his life and we are supporting him 100%. We hope that all of the lessons that we have taught him throughout his life and the conversations that he has had with other positive people along the way have staying power in his mind and heart. Those are going to be the lessons that will guide him through the first part of his new life. The fear that I have is my fatherly instinct to protect him. He’s a good kid not ever being in trouble and hardly ever leaving the house so to me he hasn’t grown-up yet or has he. His first tests of becoming a man in my eyes will be in the United States Navy. I know he is strong enough because he comes from me and we are strong in our faith. We haven’t always been that way but lately; lately being the last two years we have both undergone a transformation renewing our strength in our father above. His mom and I worry but again those are our worries not his. He knows the task before him and I know he will come out the other side stronger than when he went in.

Son be sure to respect your elders as you do at home and walk as tall as you can. I know you will make yourself proud. That will make mommy and me proud. this is just another one of those steps that I have been speaking of throughout your young life. Take it with pride and go get what you want out of life. Obeying the teachings of the Bible and us.

I love you son,


Kareem Abdul Jabbar on Donald Trump

Donald Trump the man has had numerous failings in America and has come back from those same failings like a mythical Phoenix. I do not believe that he has the ability to help America as a leader or as a whole. His ideals are very business oriented and not very explicit on world views either. To many of that has seen the blurbs of him on the television, we are mostly caught off guard to what he says and how he aligns himself with the world. He has no filter, he has no real political background, he has no worldly morality. His worldly morality if he had any would not have any thought of race or segregation at all. This man speaks of very violent things as if he is in the locker room with his buddies after a round of golf; but he says them publicly and on the news. Then after he has stated these obscene words and phrases, and has had a chance to see what he looks like, then wants to try to state that we who have seen it saw it wrong that we have taken his words out of context; it was not what he meant. Donald Trump is a real estate mogul, who at this late stage thinks he can help America as he has helped himself. Donald it doesn’t work that way what worked for you will not work for America. There are too many variables involved, to many different nationalities to contend with, to many different religions to deal with. Dealing with all that and then some is what a president deals with in the first 10 minutes of his day. You couldn’t even handle the questions and comments of a FOX analyst. You should really look at why you are running and if it is aligned with truly helping America or just Donald Trump. The policies and platforms are important for the American people to know what you stand for. Last time I heard you were still talking border patrol and keeping people out of America. Mr. Trump it would be great if you had a plan and some political knowledge. It would show clearly when interacting with the media, supporters, and protesters of your campaign.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar had a few this to say on the matter as well. I found this posted video on the Huffington Post Politics site. In it Mr. Jabbar speaks about Mr. Trump and his wanting to close Muslim Masques and ban Muslims particularly. Take a listen please?

This is not a candidate for America. This is a candidate for himself. Haven’t we had enough of this type of person in the White House. We stood for Change let’s continue to do so. Look to go forward not fall backwards. We all have a responsibility to this country just as Mr. trump does. With this type of person in the White House we will all have lost. If he gets the nod it is our own fault, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. When we ride our highways; we see on each of the signs on our great highways. “Let’s Keep America Beautiful” people. We must vote as a nation and ensure that we continue to move forward as one people. Mr. Trump and others like him want to keep the nation divided. Let’s not allow that. Mr. Jabbar echo’s what a lot of other people think.

Mom on the Brain

These are my thoughts and observations on having a wife that has wanted to be a mom for a long-time or a mom that doesn’t know how to be anything but.

It is not a good or bad situation; it just is.

Women when you finally become a mother it is probably the biggest blessing that you will feel as an individual. Individual that is a great word we are all individuals, yet we are coupled together as husband and wife. Coupled together with man, woman, significant other to significant other. At that moment you as a woman have completed an individual event; so it would seem. Aside from having a husband or significant other, there has always been Christ. Whether we have chosen to accept him or not, he has always been there. This new life will be dependent on you and your husband for everything. It is a new life that was created by you, your spouse, and Christ. How then is it that a woman, who is now a mother makes it become her complete mission to do everything for this new life? There is a previous union, right? How is it that the birth of this new relationship is put before the first one? How does your husband feel now? Is there communication or dialogue that allows for this to take place?

This is mom-on-the-brain at its best. mombrainSingle women have this as their cross to bear every day. They have no one else there to help with the burden of feeding, clothing, sharing the growing moments of the first steps and other moments. They are everything to this new life, and that new life is everything to them, it is understandable to have those emotions well up inside them. There isn’t anyone else to for her turn to.

Women that have husbands has this affected your relationship? If it has then how do you plan on fixing it? If not then great, you may need to open a meetup life group to discuss how to manage those overwhelming feelings of motherhood in other women. The Research on this topic before writing it was eye-opening. It could be one of the reasons why a lot of guys cheat or, at least, a real one. It is a real topic that happens. It is great to love your children and give them what is required for them to be active and independent. The question I am posing is what happened to the first relationship? How did it get in this state? Did your husband do something to warrant this treatment? The images posted in this post are poking fun at how mothers organize their day. To mother’s these pictures that are probably reminder’s of what they lost. Something to make them laugh and a needed light-hearted uplift. As a husband, I looked at a lot of these images, Momsbrain1-562x727 and didn’t see any mention of a husband’s section, or if there was a mention, it is small just as there is no space for yourself to have fun. I am a man who can handle what life throws at me. I know there are other men out there that are dealing with it too. Stay positive and supportive to your wives and be a damn dad to your children. It will be a long road that will be dark sometimes. Know that Christ is with you and will bring the both of you through it. You can win moms and dads, but it is going to take you both. If the love you have for one another is as Christ loves us, then you can make it. Win at all costs; be that light for someone else. There is already enough darkness in this world. Dads and husbands don’t look for anyone to fill any empty spaces in your lives, turn your attention to Christ and your wife they are the only other people in it with you. You three can come out of the darkness together.

It can only happen together.

This post is meant to stir the pot, if not then nothing happens. Let’s get started.

Till next post, this has been



To My Daughters

To my two girls; I was thinking that it would be great if you found the person for you. If you have found that person; great bring them by and let me and your brothers check him out. I want to meet the guy of your future not just somebody you are passing time with but a true partner. A person that is interested in you and what you have to say. A guy that will keep my grand children’s best interests first as well.

Hopefully one day you will know what it is to have that one person in your corner. It does take work though, it isn’t easy and takes a willingness to work at it from both people involved. You will know when you come across that one person, it does happen. It will just take you by surprise and you probably won’t know what happened.

As your dad I would love to see you guys happy and living as strong as you possibly can. That is what any parent would want for their kids.


March Madness Craziness Start Tonight


March Madness starts tonight.

Do you have your bracket or should I say brackets filled in? I have mine. Good Luck !!

Mine will probably be busted early hopefully not in the first round like so many other years.

My History of Understanding – Relationship Conversation


In my short time living as a Christian, I have found that it is not an easy life to lead. It is very hard living righteously and being the element of light for people to flock to. This is Christianity as I understand it; it is not a life of boredom as some may think. You can still have fun; instead of doing all the things that can wreck your mind and body. You now need to do things that uplift you and the Lord Jesus Christ. Using the gift or gifts that were graciously given to you at birth.
The fun that most were so in-love in their younger or present life before turning to Christ is problematic and life threatening. Most things that are considered fun in the secular world can actually take your life. Examples of things that can take life early are thrill seeking through drugs and alcohol, murdering for fun, sex with multiple partners. Those are only a few of the examples that can lead us astray if we allow them to. The things I have listed are a bit extreme but sin is sin; I could have added lying or playing a false prophet. That too is a big one but one that is so common for people to be sucked into. Deceit is very big and one that Satan has used throughout time.
That gift or gifts the you were blessed can be any number of things. However, we are not to use our gifts for personal gain they are to be given away to the world. We should all strive to be the gifts to the world that Christ has always wanted us to be. Selfishness is not an option in a righteous life, a walk with Christ is very fulfilling and noble. There will not be any fanfare for you; you may be ridiculed at some point to test your faith. Stay strong and know that Christ is in you already and that can’t be taken from you at any point.
In a marriage there is no place for selfishness, jealousy, and envy. What has to be there is trust, compassion, understanding, compromise, and love. Without those five things your relationship isn’t make it very long. The way I understand it is that the five things I have listed are absolutely necessary for a lasting relationship. If these elements are missing from your relationship how are you going to be able to relate within your relationship? Those five elements are what makes a relationships base to me. I understand this more now. Previously I was just like anyone else and thought that if the physical was there everything else would fall into place. Well the physical fades but those other elements must be present for the duration of the relationship. Did everyone get that “THE DURATION” meaning to the end of. If we try to stand on what we want, then we don’t get or understand anything. To relate we must understand and to understand we must relate. These are my 5 things for understanding a relationship today. You may be different and be able to make lust work “NOT”.
I understand now Jesus

Till next post, this has been


Just Don’t Wanna Know – Relationship Conversations

For those of us, men or women that are in relationships that are seemingly touch-less and you feel that you have done everything to ensure that your partner knows your heart. If you haven’t already, you should give that fight over to Jesus let him work that out for you. The arguments and the high volume debates will not help. It is up to the individual and Jesus to fix it.

Your partner may need to get outside help that does not initially involve you; stay strong in your faith and know that if the steps are placed in motion from the proper source, it will be taken care of, and the two of you will begin to heal. I haven’t been tight with Jesus too long, but I know from everything that I have personally read if we believe he can do it; it will be done. Like all people, some of us need the human touch more than others. Know that there are others in the world just as you are; fighting the same fight. I started the relationship conversation corner because when you have the feeling that you are not heard, you have a voice to share with others such as yourselves. The threat is real, and the enemy will try to break us if we allow it. I used to say that I was more spiritual than Christian. Now I know that being spiritual that is just the outer realm of becoming a Christian. I have carried burdens in my marriage that were just too heavy for me alone. I accepted Jesus again and started to pray daily and listen to what is in my heart. The strength that I feel daily; I know that he is walking with me. He is helping me carry it strengthening me and making me stronger. I don’t want Jesus to take the problem from me; I need to be made stronger to be able to deal with it. That is what I know has happened.
If you have to fulfill your need for touch, initiate it yourself go and hug your partner daily or give them a peck on the cheek. Do it; it will help it really will.

Continue through with your conversations requesting things of your mate letting them know your needs. Do not demand because demands only set you back to the beginning of the journey. There is a song that I heard in a movie that sums up what I am saying pretty well. It is from Tyler Perry’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”. I will place the lyrics below it was powerful to me maybe it will help you as well.

Till next post, this has been,


Marvin Winans – Just Don’t Wanna Know Lyrics
Artist: Marvin Winans
Album: Miscellaneous
Genre: Christian

I hurt so many nights, I cried so many hours
Trying to make it right, I just didn’t have the power
You ignored all my tears in hopes they’d disappear
I tried to let it show

But I guess you just don’t wanna know

I came to you in love, I came to you in earnest
Could you possibly explain?
Oh my, my, why the flames? Why, why the furnace?
Oh, just needing to get it clear, I was hoping that you would hear
I tried to let it go

But I guess you just don’t wanna know

Now it’s true that God is always there
He said, He’d never leave
But at times the human touch is what I need
And if I had a dime for every time I tried to call your name


Some tell me I’d be wealthy

But I learned that I could cope, yes, I did
I discovered I, I could make it
Woah, in the nights so long and cold, so cold
You don’t know how cold
I learned that I, I could take it

Oh, now I wouldn’t change a thing
Not for the knowledge
Not for the knowledge that I’ve gained
I learned that I could grow, I really did, I tried to let, let it show
I did, I tried to let it go

But I guess you just don’t wanna know


Relationship Conversations

Being in a relationship is something that will try you at every turn if you are not prepared. When we are kids and we are playing with one another some pick up a trick quicker than others and they become standouts.

The same happens in a relationship when younger some can hold the gift of conversation very easily. Some not all become players “Womanizer”. Then there are those that become husbands “Real Men” that use their gift to hold their marriages and families together. The earlier ones if they are not careful will lose sight of why they were given such a gift. It was not given to only bed women and get what you want. No it was given to repair and sustain marriages, families, and friendships. If we break everything with our conversation; then we must rebuild everything with that same mouth.

It is always hard to admit when you are wrong or have done wrong to someone you care about and love but that is where the healing comes from. Our conversations have the power to heal one another and preserve each other’s hearts.

Fight fair with your words from now on and no hitting below the belt. Try and always be kind even when it is hard. Use your power of conversation to heal try not steal with it anymore.

Till next post this has been,