Article 10 – Praise and Uplift for my Beautiful Wife

Karrie laughing one Sunday morning at a joke I told her.
Karrie laughing one Sunday morning at a joke I told her.

I want to uplift and praise you baby for trying to get everything possible that you can fit into a day packed in. You cry about talk about it, talk about it some more.You refuse to take that it is not possible for you to be able to do everything you want to do in a day and still have family time with your sons. It is a wonderful thought but one that drives you mad trying to understand it. It is remarkable that you even try to get this feat accomplished. Most parents would just worry about protecting time for themselves, that is where you are different. I praise you for that, I want to uplift you for making sure that we all are one family unit as many days as humanly possible with our schedule.

Love you baby,



Article 8 – Praise and Uplift for my Beautiful Wife

I want to uplift and praise my wonderful lady today for being a wonderful mother. I know I have said it a couple times already. You are a wonderful person and I enjoy our time we have together. It has been wonderful walking through life with you and just experiencing life with you.

Love you so much,



Article 7 – Praise and Uplift for my Beautiful Wife

Today I want to uplift you for continuing to be a woman around all the fakes and wanna be’s. You hold true to your character fully I have enjoyed watching you come into your own as a woman and as a mom. You are strong when you need to be and a soft place for your guys to land when we need it. You are the epitome of a woman to me.

Love you babe,




1st Son Trying for Driver’s License today

I have brought my son to the drivers license office today for his rights of passage ritual many of us have already performed before. Trying for his Drivers License; I remember when I tried for mine in 1987 it took 2 times to get them. The first time I went I got into the car and began to crank it without putting my seat belt on. Then you could just go to the next county and try for them. So I went to Gastonia and tried and got them then. Now all of the DMV’s are interconnected to each other so that you have to wait that week before trying again.

Now they have to have insurance and their licenses are provisional and conditional all of that. To make sure that someone “Parents” are going to pay for the actions of their kid while they misrepresent themselves out on the roads and highways. Insurance is expensive too; we didn’t add him to our policy because of the problems he could cause for us if in an accident or gets tickets. I am sure it was for us as well but we didn’t have to be added to our parents policies and if we would have needed to be I think a lot of us would have probably been waiting until we could afford everything required to be able to drive. He left with the examiner and I am feeling nervous for him; not sure how he is feeling though. I know I was excited to be finally getting drivers license and when I got back to the DMV lot and knew I hadn’t made mistakes I was smiling a big smile inside. If it would have been dark I believe I could have lit up the area we were in. Its great to him begin this journey. It also brings up a new phase in his life; he is growing up. He is not my itty bitty baby boy anymore. He is a young man now. Hope he passes; stay tuned waiting for him to return.

He passed!!!!!!!!

His mom wasn’t so happy. I will update the post with a picture of him holding his license in the future.


Article 6 – Praise and Uplift for my Beautiful Wife

I would like to uplift you today for being a wonderful mom to our boys. They look to us for guidance and leadership and you don’t disappoint them. Keeping their interests in mind and staying open to newer possibilities that may have been overlooked.

I would like to praise you for being my partner in everything and standing with me always.

I love you way more,

Article 4 – Praise and Uplift for my Beautiful Wife


I want to uplift you today baby for being able to enjoy your vacation. 20140425_155406-e1398638056377-576x1024We have been on a number of vacations where you have never relaxed. I can say this time you relaxed. You deserved it babe. I enjoyed watching you have fun on our vacation.

Hope to see that many more times throughout our years together.

Love you babe,

Hanging with my family

We are on our way to the mall to get one of the boys a pair of shoes. Everybody is being very nutty except the one getting the shoes.

This is the craziness that we have put up with being their parents. We love it too, well sometime we do.


We as the guys of the family know that there is no way we just go in and grab a pair of shoes. Get out of the store my wife checks her receipt and something is missing from so now we have to wait until she can speak with someone about the difference in the receipt. Turns out she was correct as normal going back in she found out that the young lady left the shoes to be shipped off the receipt even though they were the second pair to be rung up. We would have been waiting on a shoe that wasn’t ever going to come.

Pretty good day out until the baby had to show his butt. His mom has taken him to the bathroom. We are all going to enjoy a meal at Tony Saccos’ then home bound we are for the rest of the evening.