Hanging with my family

We are on our way to the mall to get one of the boys a pair of shoes. Everybody is being very nutty except the one getting the shoes.

This is the craziness that we have put up with being their parents. We love it too, well sometime we do.


We as the guys of the family know that there is no way we just go in and grab a pair of shoes. Get out of the store my wife checks her receipt and something is missing from so now we have to wait until she can speak with someone about the difference in the receipt. Turns out she was correct as normal going back in she found out that the young lady left the shoes to be shipped off the receipt even though they were the second pair to be rung up. We would have been waiting on a shoe that wasn’t ever going to come.

Pretty good day out until the baby had to show his butt. His mom has taken him to the bathroom. We are all going to enjoy a meal at Tony Saccos’ then home bound we are for the rest of the evening.