Marital Blessings Continued

Talking on the subject of submission to one another is always the best way. I think that we as humans put so much emphasis on what the woman should do and not think so much as to what we as men should do for our women. We should make them feel comfortable, safe, and wanted. It is up to us to make sure that they make a path to Christ and join us in that walk with him. One of the best blessing that God has given us in marriage is the gift of speech. With it we can ask things of one another, we can request things from one another, but we must not ever demand anything from one another. This is disrespectful and will be received just as it was given, like the anger and resentment that was used to spout those words you will receive the same back.

If we are to be successful in our marriages, then we must use our words. I must use my words to build her up, not tear her down. I was at one-time was sending Praise and Uplift texts to my wife letting her know what I noticed about her and how much I respected her for it. Life and family has since slowed that down but when I remember you can believe that I get something to her that will keep her spirits up. I cherish her and the strength that she brings to the marriage. These are the things that we must do in order to strengthen each other. Outside forces are going to try to tear you apart and will if given the chance. You as a couple must fight together to ensure that the bond you had on our wedding day still exist throughout the time of your lives. I know our marriage has taken it shots but we are still here and trying to maintain that bond. As we age their will our parents aging and us needing to help there and kids getting married and them trying to hold their bonds together as well. All of this will try to make a wedge between the two of you. We must hold strong and keep the communication lines open with one another’s spouse or partner so that we know where we stand and what is going on.

It is our blessing to outlive our parents and if we have the means to help and aid in their aging process then do that whatever that may be. If you cannot afford to do so financially then do what you can to help it don’t make it have to be a financial burden to your family. Even if you can afford it again communicate that with your spouse or partner. All of these blessings may not seem like blessings while they are happening but we must all remember that we are going through this portion of our life to be a blessing to someone else at another time. Being married is a huge blessing, so its best to be happy and cause the devil pain and shame. Show your strong Christianity traits and spread the word of how Christ has blessed you and your family. That is a purpose that we must bear and live. So be that blessing to someone today.