Strength received …

I have been a recipient of this gift from my momma throughout my life. She was constantly giving me strength through her words when she spoke to me and let me know that things would be fine. She would then re-assure me with the reasons why.

1. I had the love from her and may dad
2. Even though it is hard I must not give up
3. Stay strong and focused

Her actions were powerful. The strength she showed handling a household of 4 kids. Being able to encourage all of us with a smile; that is strength. If she was ever to read this she will not remember it that way but that is what I took from the words of encouragement that she used to give me and my brother and sisters. She is a strong woman and always perseveres through it whatever the obstacle. I have always tried to use her strength as my own, and now I try to pass that knowledge on to my own children.

Thanks momma