Struggle and Strife is as much a part of life as breathing

So-Many-Struggle-With-FaithI have learned that the conversations and the difficulties that we all have in our lives is necessary and for our benefit. If we didn’t have them how could we ever become the man or woman that we were put here to be. Hope must be something that is in our hearts, that is our connection to our faith which then connects to God.

Inner conflict is the biggest struggle that a lot of us have. When you have to ask yourself questions about should I be here, is this one of the best situations I have put myself in. These are only a few of the questions we ask ourselves as we fight with what we perceive to be a sticky situation. As you get older you don’t have to ask yourself these questions, because you have had enough experiences that you can draw from to make the correct choices. I have to honestly say I have begun to trust GOD and beginning to let go.


Now when we turn from that path or we never nail down one true thing that we want to pin our hopes and dreams to we can’t ever see any benefits. The way we normally do things from childhood is like this example: Going to school – Doing this ritual teaches us a lot of things; while we are experiencing it we meet new friends other than close family, we learn a little about the world, a little about where we come from, etc…. Those that quit school don’t stop learning they just move into a different struggle. School prepares you with a foundation to build on. Without it we struggle to get a few of the basic meanings that we should already know. Everyone struggles and everyone has strife. It is how you choose to accept and fight for what you feel is needed in your life. The education analogy is very pointed. It shows the very rawest of materials that we all need to function in this world at a high level.quote-Pope-Paul-VI-all-life-demands-struggle-those-who-have-1-58120

I always tell my children that there is no easy way to the top the stairs. The route you take is how you learn on your way, if you skip a few steps it could come back to bite you. reason being you can’t reproduce how you got to where you are currently. It was handed to you; you didn’t have to struggle for it. You learn everything from struggling throughout life for however long we are allowed to be here on this earth. Strife is what happens when you don’t really get along with individuals that you come in contact with. This is always going to happen because each individual has their own struggle. I let them know that they must align themselves with people with struggles similar to theirs. This way they can constantly move forward without someone causing stoppages in their journeys. One cannot be had without the other.

The piece that I have had the biggest problem with is struggling to move on from certain relationships. Having been on different paths in my life there have been a couple of things and people who I had problems moving on from. When you have success with something even though you may not be very successful monetarily it is a success. Basketball was one where I had success not much monetarily as they have now but great friendships and knowledge transfers happened during that time. I learned more than I earned but it was a balance a huge balance that gave me a kind of peace for that time in life. That struggle passed kind of easily after I began to age because sports of any kind are for the young. Not something that I struggled to move from but a struggle to find that same balance in other area of life. tumblr_mk819isbVL1s9u3jeo1_500People however is an entirely different animal. Some of the questions I had surrounding people I have figured out through struggling and reading the bible and going to church that all who you meet and commune with cannot go on to your destination with you. Your groups will need to be trimmed to those who are about you and helping others follow the messages from the bible. Struggle is a journey one that I am beginning to appreciate more and more each day.

Without these two things we cannot ever see who we are meant be. Tests are what life is about, the people around you test you, your family tests you. Enjoy the struggle and try to live as Christ did.