Women Today…


wonderful parents and son in an autumn garden. yellow autumn leaWomen today have options my mom and hers didn’t have. The women of today can work and have a family, the so-called having it all mantra that so many women have coveted. Then why is it that so many women are so unhappy? The conflict within is what I believe causes the unhappiness of those few unhappy ladies. There isn’t a balance created for themselves while they are acquiring and learning to be all of who they are.
I watched my mom as I grew up and noticed that once we were all at an age where we could help take care of the others she went to work outside of the home. Before that she was all about us kids. So what then happens when a woman is not allowed that choice? What if she wants the husband, the kids, and the career; gets it all and doesn’t know how to manage it all. What then? Is she going to need therapy to be able to deal with all that she encounters or will she just naturally know how to cope with all that has been thrust upon her?
I now see my wife and she has the big three and has a struggle to juggle things or keep all of the balls in the air at the same time. What do you do? What is sacrificed to have it all for women? Life is its own predictor of certain things it makes you choose; you may see a buffet but something is going to be left on the plate if you pile it too high. How do you cope with it all too? There are lots of little things pulling and tugging at you guys daily and that is even before you get to any of the three that are so coveted. Yes I mean yourself you guys forget about yourselves and just bury into life and trying to live the dream the way society wants you to. Well I want to tell my wife and other women to live life where it fits to what makes you comfortable. Have the conversations with your spouse delegate as much as you can. I know that is a challenge because only you can do it most times.

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