Backgrounds a Problem….

Wandering through this life with a past or should I say a criminal past is very different today than it was in the earlier days. I have watched the older TV shows and watched how all they had to do was change their ways. Talked with some older gentlemen that had some not so good things in their past. They spoke of how things were before everything change to being tracked by computers. How people went from your actions not what a machine or a piece of paper says. The world gave you a chance then. Now not so much, if you are not a match to some profile or things that can be assist you in growing yourself then you are in trouble.

example – If you rob trains before, you now no longer rob trains move to another area and start fresh.

Today in our computer age things follow you around. I mean things happened twenty or so years ago are still bothering you for employment or can be brought up very easily. Computers are great they really are, it is how companies use them to stay abreast of a person’s past. I agree that there should be a record but if the offense doesn’t fit what the person is looking for then it should not show up. I don’t know there are a lot of ways to spin something like this. Some would say that it thins out the competition. Still others would say that if it was something in your past that would keep you out of work then you should have been more careful. To those people I would say how can you know as a high school kid how important writing something as small as a $20 dollar bad check will bother you later. Should you have to restructure your life for the mistakes that you have in your past?