Relationship Conversations

Being in a relationship is something that will try you at every turn if you are not prepared. When we are kids and we are playing with one another some pick up a trick quicker than others and they become standouts.

The same happens in a relationship when younger some can hold the gift of conversation very easily. Some not all become players “Womanizer”. Then there are those that become husbands “Real Men” that use their gift to hold their marriages and families together. The earlier ones if they are not careful will lose sight of why they were given such a gift. It was not given to only bed women and get what you want. No it was given to repair and sustain marriages, families, and friendships. If we break everything with our conversation; then we must rebuild everything with that same mouth.

It is always hard to admit when you are wrong or have done wrong to someone you care about and love but that is where the healing comes from. Our conversations have the power to heal one another and preserve each other’s hearts.

Fight fair with your words from now on and no hitting below the belt. Try and always be kind even when it is hard. Use your power of conversation to heal try not steal with it anymore.

Till next post this has been,