Stephen Curry the man

As a basketball player he has a bit of magic with him. In this era that is being played today he is the embodiment of what the NBA has become. The last couple of holdouts have left or are leaving “Kobe Bryant” and “Tim Duncan” even Kevin Garnett. All things are about change even the NBA. If the game was still being played like it had been in previous seasons a lot of the guys that are headliners now wouldn’t be.

Curry however is a part of this era, his work ethic is great and he is being rewarded for it. I am sure his dad is very proud of what he has been able to accomplish but also as the rest of the basketball is doing thinks about how much the league has changed. Has the changes been for the better and not just because his own sons are slight of frame and able to benefit from the changes in the rules. Being a dad we can have rose-colored glasses when it comes to our kids. Having held a position in the same work place but at a different era we all know he reflects. The league just as everything does changes. Stephen though has transcended a lot of the boundaries that many never thought he would. His believe in himself and his creator is what I think gives him an edge. He met his wife in a Christian camp his second coach was a Christian minister from New York. Faith is all around him and what he does.

The NBA is not a workplace where not believing in yourself is going to be beneficial to you. I mean if you do have the utmost confidence in your own personal capabilities, you will still need a lot more to be a dominant force in the NBA. It is what you do with the dominance that allows you to be special. Curry could be arrogant, glory hogging, and self-proclaimed basketball god. He does not carry himself that way nor was he raised to be that man either. To be a smaller player and be considered a dominant player is where you know he has a little magic and a lot faith. I like comparing him to Allen Iverson. No they are nothing alike physically but their determination and drive and their belief in the creator are almost picture perfect. To be a smaller guy in the NBA you have to be special and give the glory to the father above and that is what both of them did and are doing. Curry has taken the league by storm and showing what having faith in Christ will do for you. He has to believe in his self we all do; but when we see the things that we are able to do and we know we didn’t do alone and honoring the one who has held your hand through all of it is the best reward any of us can hope to see as an example. There have been a lot of bigger and stronger players but not many that have humbled themselves or the humility of Stephen Curry. He doesn’t care about the accolades he cares about playing the game the right way.

I as a fan only hope that he continues the same practices throughout the rest of his life to be that light that Christ has asked us to be; to bring the most guarded heart to Christianity. He is using his blessings to show the power of Christ.


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  1. It will be a hard thing for the Warriors ending the season losing to the Thunder, after having the leagues best ever record in history 73-9. They have an uphill battle that needs to be waged in their hearts before they actually take the floor for the next game. Mentally and spiritually they are out of sort right now, they need to get back to who they are and go from there. It may get them past the Thunder and it may not but not having a rallying cry at all is not how it should end. They should make amends with each other and play for one another and deal with whatever outcome happens; as long as they know they did all they know that could be done. For a team that hasn’t lost two games all year to look like this in playoffs is hard to watch. I know there are people in the gambling world that think there is a conspiracy to them losing this way; it isn’t they have just lost their way right now.

    Stephen getting hurt kind of set it up, the rest of the team now thinks that he needs to be protected and that he may not be ready to shoulder his portion of the burden fully. Even after witnessing his shooting display against Portland. I think that for them to win any of the games that are before them right now they are going to need to allow Steph to be Steph as everyone says. He will need to handle the ball as we all know that he can do and find the open guys while being double teamed and triple teamed. He has proven time and time again that he can and will find you if you are open and ready. What has been happening is what happens with a lot of teams the ball sticks. He starts the free flowing nature of the offense and it gets contagious. If he doesn’t start it now, he doesn’t even get a shot. He passes the ball starts to run his routes to get open and the ball has been shot before any misdirection can happen to create anybody an open shot. The Thunder have been earning a living off of these decisions all series long and will continue to do so until they allow the offense to run as it normally does through Stephen Curry. He plays so far away from the basket that; that is what has allowed for all of the open cuts to the basket that so many of the Warriors have benefited from. Now having the ball passed to him not and not being in rhythm is taking a toll on the entire team.

    Allow him to have the ball to open the floor back up and see what happens, that is the only way that the Warriors will see any hope for the rest of the series. Stephen doesn’t need to be protected he is on the floor let him play his game.

  2. Here they are in the NBA Final against the Cav’s. The Warriors are trying to repeat, I think they can too. A while ago I wrote a piece about Stephen Curry stating that he was a man that had a strong faith that didn’t want to stand out in front of everyone else. Well on media is was brought to the front when Stephen stated exactly that in the comparison that everyone is trying to make with he and Lebron James on who is the face of the NBA. See the video below.

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