Time heals all pain if allowed. That is what we are told…..

There is enough pain in this world without sharing our deepest stories. no-death-no-mourning-no-crying-no-painIt is very awful to see such horrible imagery. In the future I think doing so will desensitize us against it in the end. Showing the imagery is great for the ones that can actually help with the issue. Showing the imagery to everyone just because is almost pointless. Everyone who sees it doesn’t feel empathy for what happened. Most of our world has a major imagery distortion that has been caused by video games, and violent movies.

Mourn with those who can help with your pain, leave those who cannot help until you are strong enough to return to the world and shine as your were intended to.

The people who have lost loved ones through senseless violence deserve to be respected and not mocked. Different groups use these mother’s, father’s, and families pain as a platform to boost their own personal images and agendas. Allow the families time; time to grieve, time to regain their strength to face the world again. These things need to happen before their lives are opened up to the world because we are fed up with what is happening.

There is pain that happens everyday, problem is we inflict most of it on each other everyday.