My History of Understanding – Relationship Conversation


In my short time living as a Christian, I have found that it is not an easy life to lead. It is very hard living righteously and being the element of light for people to flock to. This is Christianity as I understand it; it is not a life of boredom as some may think. You can still have fun; instead of doing all the things that can wreck your mind and body. You now need to do things that uplift you and the Lord Jesus Christ. Using the gift or gifts that were graciously given to you at birth.
The fun that most were so in-love in their younger or present life before turning to Christ is problematic and life threatening. Most things that are considered fun in the secular world can actually take your life. Examples of things that can take life early are thrill seeking through drugs and alcohol, murdering for fun, sex with multiple partners. Those are only a few of the examples that can lead us astray if we allow them to. The things I have listed are a bit extreme but sin is sin; I could have added lying or playing a false prophet. That too is a big one but one that is so common for people to be sucked into. Deceit is very big and one that Satan has used throughout time.
That gift or gifts the you were blessed can be any number of things. However, we are not to use our gifts for personal gain they are to be given away to the world. We should all strive to be the gifts to the world that Christ has always wanted us to be. Selfishness is not an option in a righteous life, a walk with Christ is very fulfilling and noble. There will not be any fanfare for you; you may be ridiculed at some point to test your faith. Stay strong and know that Christ is in you already and that can’t be taken from you at any point.
In a marriage there is no place for selfishness, jealousy, and envy. What has to be there is trust, compassion, understanding, compromise, and love. Without those five things your relationship isn’t make it very long. The way I understand it is that the five things I have listed are absolutely necessary for a lasting relationship. If these elements are missing from your relationship how are you going to be able to relate within your relationship? Those five elements are what makes a relationships base to me. I understand this more now. Previously I was just like anyone else and thought that if the physical was there everything else would fall into place. Well the physical fades but those other elements must be present for the duration of the relationship. Did everyone get that “THE DURATION” meaning to the end of. If we try to stand on what we want, then we don’t get or understand anything. To relate we must understand and to understand we must relate. These are my 5 things for understanding a relationship today. You may be different and be able to make lust work “NOT”.
I understand now Jesus

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