Strawberry Letter – Wrong to Cheat if Your Wife Stops Giving You Some?

Wrong to Cheat if Your Wife Stops Giving You Some?

Good morning, Shirley and Steve, I have a serious problem. I have been married for 4 years now, and we have a 3-year old son. Everything has been going well: we both make good money, take trips often, she lets me hang out with the boys with no problems, and vice versa. I spoil my wife all of the time. She gets whatever she wants. I take care of our son, cook, clean, while she goes out with her friends, sometimes every weekend. Here’s the problem: she’s stopped having sex with me. I don’t know why. We have tried talking about it, we have even gone to therapy. Nothing works. I’m a Christian man, so I’ve prayed about this, but nothing has changed. Then, I met A Breath Of Fresh Air: she is single, beautiful, friendly, and likes to have sex. We started out as friends, but the more I opened up to her, the more she’s received me: literally. She is WONDERFUL IN BED, and I never have to want for anything with her, sexually. She doesn’t want me to leave my family; she is just helping me out through a rough spot. I don’t even know what to do about my marriage. Having sex with my wife is extremely important. Steve, I KNOW you understand what it’s like to have sex with your wife. That’s all I want. I don’t want to step out, or be with ANYONE else, but I don’t know what to do. I shouldn’t ask if it is wrong to cheat on your wife if she stops giving you some. The question should be, am I justified in cheating? Thanks. Signed, FRUSTRATED

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  1. I personally think you should have as many conversations as possible about the topic. Talk it to damn death and if you still can’t resolve it and the physical portion of your relationship is that important then I guess you divorce. Since the physical portion of the relationship is only strongest the first few years so I have been told then try and fight to reach you partner. Marriage isn’t based on sex alone. So no you don’t cheat you converse.


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