2 thoughts on “March Madness Craziness Start Tonight”

  1. Well I thought that my Michigan Wolverines would have been knocked out already. It seems that they have a little more glue than I thought they had. I didn’t know who Tulsa University was and still really don’t they played a pretty good game but not good enough to win. It fell apart for them at the 4:00 minute mark of the game. It was when Zak Irvin hit a 3 pointer around the 53 sec mark.

    Hopefully we get the same fire again against Notre Dame “The Fighting Irish”. Let’s go BLUE

  2. My bracket is busted open. Several of the teams that I had picked went down in flames one after the other. I am sure that more than me picked the Michigan State Spartans to win against Middle Tennessee. Steve Smith was very professional calling the game and being one of the alumni and past player of the program. I know it was still probably tough.

    Everyone probably had Michigan to lose but that being my team I had them picked to get that win.

    Wisconsin was another of my picks that I had to win as well. However being a basketball player; I am not sure that I would have allowed that shot to happen had I been on the opposing team. There was two seconds left to play in the game. You are tied and the hot-man of the is going to get it. He runs a curl play fading down the sideline for a three and hits it, all that was in his way was a hand that was up at his chest area. How about forcing him back to the middle of the floor where there is help. They would have had to win in overtime. They were in the bonus too, but I don’t think I would have let that one go like that. Xavier fought too hard to allow that to happen that easily. Your season comes down to one shot and that is how it ends. Well my bracket ended too.

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