Superbowl 50

Carolina vs. Denver

Pretty good game so far. Would like to see more of a running game from Cam to open up the throws that will open up the game for the Panthers.

Denver the Panthers have to control him with that smothering defense. He must stay contained if we are to win this Super Bowl.

I am hoping that they pull it out; That would be more than great for us in the Carolinas.

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One thought on “Superbowl 50”

  1. The game was good up until the point where the panther’s kept shooting themselves in the foot. Turnover after turnover the panthers fell into obscurity trying to dig themselves out of a huge hole. Hindsight is 20/20 though. With that I am going to say that Cam could have put himself out there a bit more. I kept waiting for him to show up like he did in so many regular season games. He was too reserved I think. I know they were blitzing and his every movement. I just thought he could have given the Bronco’s a reminder of why he was the MVP of the NFL. There could have been some sort of showing that would have proved at least to himself that he did all he could to win that game. He didn’t look like the Cam of the regular season. Maybe the pressure was too great.

    Hopefully next season they can win it all and the cockiness and brashness from the captain can once again be front and center instead of the play that was exhibited on the field this past Super Bowl. Not ever have I been on such a grand stage myself; I just wonder if that game will haunt him if he can’t make back to the promised land to where all great quarter backs reputations are built.

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