Marriage and Relationships

What are the functions that should be performed in a marriage? Is the first sex?

There is the following –

1.) Love
2.) Honor
3.) Cherish
4.) Obey

Those are part of the the vows that are spoken from the minister as you and your bride stand there in front of family and friends proclaiming your lives to one another. Do we really listen as they are spoken? In reality I know I was nervous as all get out. I read them the other day in the bible text and it is quite eye opening. If we all were to follow these words that are spoken would we be more than inclined to be happy? Would your partner?

I have been inclined to believe that a lot of us are getting married and not adhering to the policies that are spoken and agreed to within the whole marriage party. Marriage has for some become a spectacle, these are Gods words that are being prepared and spoken by one of his boys. We have to listen and admit those words to our hearts if not we will continue to have the high divorce rate possible.

What are your thoughts?

Check back for my next installment.

Arthur Poston Jr.