The NEWS – Things are horrible

On the news if you watch it makes the world look so negative. There all of these deaths and radical events happening around us. That are chronicled by the media that does not have the best interest of the people involved. If you watch the NEWS of television in general everything is made out of skew. Unreal like; there are no actual people on television. The deaths that are televised seem to come from an action movie but are real life. Somewhere actual people are trying to bring the movies to the streets and the media empires are allowing them to do so.

What I am afraid of is that they are letting this pressure build to allow an actual death to happen on television. Every morning or over in the night there is someone reporting multiple deaths. The person is captured by our law enforcement groups only to have them be placed on the shelf. In other countries if they knew you did it or even had good reason to believe that you did it. You can bet your punishment will be swift and just. Here we kill your character because your credit and reputation are what makes you in America. We should have a more deliberate approach where we try to save the individuals that are abiding the rules and living correctly. America don’t let the few that are stepping out of character herd the rest of into a frenzy.

There are several instances lately where all races have had cause to be upset at some point. My point is that if you look hard enough you can find problems, that’s easy to do. What is hard is looking hard enough to find the good in everyone else. Media outlets seem to not care about the good things that happen as much as it seems they enjoy glamorizing the bad. Here there now has been a deliberate separation of church and state governmentally. In reality I think the separation has happened across the world and our country.

I remember the pledge of allegiance in school to start class now that is wrong. If everyone has their own deity how about we just have a silent prayer then? There is a lot wrong with today and there aren’t many of us trying to fix today, tomorrow or the next day. The ones coming behind us are going to pay dearly because of our need for greed.




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