Time heals all pain if allowed. That is what we are told…..

There is enough pain in this world without sharing our deepest stories. no-death-no-mourning-no-crying-no-painIt is very awful to see such horrible imagery. In the future I think doing so will desensitize us against it in the end. Showing the imagery is great for the ones that can actually help with the issue. Showing the imagery to everyone just because is almost pointless. Everyone who sees it doesn’t feel empathy for what happened. Most of our world has a major imagery distortion that has been caused by video games, and violent movies.

Mourn with those who can help with your pain, leave those who cannot help until you are strong enough to return to the world and shine as your were intended to.

The people who have lost loved ones through senseless violence deserve to be respected and not mocked. Different groups use these mother’s, father’s, and families pain as a platform to boost their own personal images and agendas. Allow the families time; time to grieve, time to regain their strength to face the world again. These things need to happen before their lives are opened up to the world because we are fed up with what is happening.

There is pain that happens everyday, problem is we inflict most of it on each other everyday.

Time heals all pain if allowed. That is what we are told….. Jul27


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Violence is a misdirected tool against unarmed people

Violence happens all the time; too much even. To me violence seems to be a tool used to strike fear and to oppress. It has been used throughout time to do just that.

There are a lot of us dying out in the world at the hands of the people that are supposed to protect us. Whether it is fear or lack of training; whatever the reason it is happening. Black, Latino, White, we are all the same all that separates us is our experiences. Authority figures that are not properly trained or are not of a respectable class should not be on the street policing everyone else. They should not be allowed to join the forces that are supposed to protect everyone. Those are there should be removed privately; if they do not want to be removed then they should have a trial that shows how wrong they are. Removed from their post so that others may live. Life is too precious for those us trying to live correctly to be snatched from the earth at the hands of such a person.

Responses are important

We as a total race of humans are being tried everyday. It is how we respond that matters. Respond with Kindness


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Violence and Our World!

The violence happening in our world today is revolting. We get bombarded daily with personal and physical violence happening in areas that look like ours but are not ours. Our attitude is then upped and we have a hard time trying to grasp what happened. The loss of the family is great but we have also suffered that same loss because today we can experience it too.

Families have to share their pain with the world now. The concept is hard to cope with, we are shown these images and we then give a certain type of response whether positive or negative. Violence is the cord the world is playing right now and we are all ebbing and flowing to the beat of its music. The rights of all people are being violated today. There are deaths happening and there is nothing we can do about it. The policeman below talked a young man out of taking his own life. This was all over facebook, twitter, google+ and others. It is however outweighed by the negativity by all of the senseless deaths by anyone that kills without regard for human life.s064355227-300

1.) The police are scared
2.) There are not enough well trained police
3.) The people are scared of the police

When both sides are scared and they come in contact with one another the one with the most advantage will win. Horrible, horrible, horrible because many times the people with the most advantage and best trained are not even near the area where the conflict happens. When I was younger we knew the police in our neighborhood. They were always in our neighborhood not because it was a bad neighborhood but because they wanted to know us. There was a Jr. police force which we were on. Do I think this would help it couldn’t hurt could it? I don’t think that police who knew there victims would have victims. I think it would be very hard to kill someone you know. Police get out in the field as we have seen some of the more seasoned officers do and learn your surroundings, people, work environment.

Women Today…


wonderful parents and son in an autumn garden. yellow autumn leaWomen today have options my mom and hers didn’t have. The women of today can work and have a family, the so-called having it all mantra that so many women have coveted. Then why is it that so many women are so unhappy? The conflict within is what I believe causes the unhappiness of those few unhappy ladies. There isn’t a balance created for themselves while they are acquiring and learning to be all of who they are.
I watched my mom as I grew up and noticed that once we were all at an age where we could help take care of the others she went to work outside of the home. Before that she was all about us kids. So what then happens when a woman is not allowed that choice? What if she wants the husband, the kids, and the career; gets it all and doesn’t know how to manage it all. What then? Is she going to need therapy to be able to deal with all that she encounters or will she just naturally know how to cope with all that has been thrust upon her?
I now see my wife and she has the big three and has a struggle to juggle things or keep all of the balls in the air at the same time. What do you do? What is sacrificed to have it all for women? Life is its own predictor of certain things it makes you choose; you may see a buffet but something is going to be left on the plate if you pile it too high. How do you cope with it all too? There are lots of little things pulling and tugging at you guys daily and that is even before you get to any of the three that are so coveted. Yes I mean yourself you guys forget about yourselves and just bury into life and trying to live the dream the way society wants you to. Well I want to tell my wife and other women to live life where it fits to what makes you comfortable. Have the conversations with your spouse delegate as much as you can. I know that is a challenge because only you can do it most times.

It would be great to hear thoughts on this topic,


Till next post, this has been,040616_1823_WelcomingMa1.jpgPost