Why do people cheat?

Sometimes I have thoughts that come to mind that I could know why there is so much turnover in relationships between men and women. I don’t; It is, however, a problem for both sexes, one that has existed probably since the beginning of time. Motherhood, priorities, life and any other thing that can inhibit a female’s libido. Men go through this too; so much, so that is has a name called impotence, they both cause a version of sex that is afflicted with a loss of sex drive. What does this mean for the other person that is married to them? Well if they are still sexually active to any extent it implies that this portion of life probably causes them to feel alone or could make them think things could be over.

A lot of couples don’t go into what broke them up when the break-up finally happens, so the person that has the problem caused the rift in the relationship is re-introduced into the world again like nothing has happened or the reason why it happened. If someone is not physically satisfied for whatever reason, it can cause one of the people in the relationship to pull away from the other. Do they have that right? I don’t think so, but countless men and women would argue this with Ph.D.’s just to try and get their emotional point across. If this is something that would pull you in, then maybe just maybe you were not ready to be in a committed relationship where you have sworn to GOD and both families that you would keep each other. It can be hard I would think, to go through something like this I would expect. Creating an entirely new problem is not the answer either. I will say it again communication is the key to finding out what each of you wants from the other.

Marriage though is a sacred trust that is entered into too quickly today. It should be a choice that is made that is not ever broken. However in today’s world it so frequently means until you do something that I don’t like or do something that I need you to do. It was created as a covenant between GOD and the couple that is getting married to one another.

I could probably go deeper into this; I don’t think I have to though this should be enough to get the conversation started.

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