My Graduation Day

It was my graduation day from Strayer University, and I was numb. It may have been from all the hard work that I had put in or whatever the cause was I really wasn’t into it. My children and wife were saying how big it was to me though it felt as if I had really been the let down because I should have completed this piece earlier in my life. The family came down to watch me walk across the stage, as I type this now I feel the gravity of what completing this accomplishment meant. It was huge!!

I get there and I have to get my cap and gown and put all of the articles on and proceed to the area where all of us graduates are to wait. Still not accepting that I had done anything big but always wanted to walk across the stage to get my degree.

We walk out and are seated and this speaker is tasked with giving our commencement speech. She was awesome I will post the video of her speech above. She spoke about things that a lot of adults feel and experience as they undergo an experience such as trying to add to your current legacy or hoping to inspire yourself to even greater heights at this moment in our lives. All of her words were so strong and heavy and that was when I began to feel the power of what I had completed. It was a great day, one that I won’t forget. 


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