Violence and Our World!

The violence happening in our world today is revolting. We get bombarded daily with personal and physical violence happening in areas that look like ours but are not ours. Our attitude is then upped and we have a hard time trying to grasp what happened. The loss of the family is great but we have also suffered that same loss because today we can experience it too.

Families have to share their pain with the world now. The concept is hard to cope with, we are shown these images and we then give a certain type of response whether positive or negative. Violence is the cord the world is playing right now and we are all ebbing and flowing to the beat of its music. The rights of all people are being violated today. There are deaths happening and there is nothing we can do about it. The policeman below talked a young man out of taking his own life. This was all over facebook, twitter, google+ and others. It is however outweighed by the negativity by all of the senseless deaths by anyone that kills without regard for human life.s064355227-300

1.) The police are scared
2.) There are not enough well trained police
3.) The people are scared of the police

When both sides are scared and they come in contact with one another the one with the most advantage will win. Horrible, horrible, horrible because many times the people with the most advantage and best trained are not even near the area where the conflict happens. When I was younger we knew the police in our neighborhood. They were always in our neighborhood not because it was a bad neighborhood but because they wanted to know us. There was a Jr. police force which we were on. Do I think this would help it couldn’t hurt could it? I don’t think that police who knew there victims would have victims. I think it would be very hard to kill someone you know. Police get out in the field as we have seen some of the more seasoned officers do and learn your surroundings, people, work environment.