No Secrets

Close-up of a Sign Against White Background

Being a man in this world today the guy code is made up of secrets. When growing up as a little guy and you go somewhere with your dad and he tells you don’t tell mom where we went. It seems like a game or club that you and your father have just created. I am guilty I have done it to my kids too. What happens though when the secret could really hurt your significant other?

I remember a few times when a secret that I kept caused a problem that I wanted to share with my spouse but couldn’t. Well not that I couldn’t but I I was embarrassed and a little ashamed because it was something that if I had shared it with her she could have given some though or insight into why it may not work exactly as “I see it happening”.

Other times secrecy can be very disarming of a relationship. Couples that have been together for years can unravel by a secret that the other just finds out. They are poison and if relationships are built on these they will crumble at some point in time. It may not be today or in the near future but it will happen. Myself as I cleanse my soul and have begun to allow my souse to know everything she probably sometime thinks you have kept that one to yourself. Transparency is what I want that way nothing is ever going to come that she doesn’t know about.

Have secrets with your wife or significant other that could be inside jokes about yourselves. They should not be on the outside but on the inside of your circle at all times. There are things that are not yours to share with your spouse but anything that has their interest tied to it as well should be shared with them period.

People it will be hard but being transparent is a huge stress reliever.

Thanks for reading,

Arthur Poston Jr.