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Alright World This Is Not The SuperBowl


Yesterday Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3 – 10 years in prison and has to be listed as a violent sex offender when he gets out. That’s all well and good for those that he raped and sexually assaulted, they got closure on their demon and he is now incarcerated. He will be plastered over the television for the next few weeks taking the last bit of identity that he added to the world until he is remembered as a rapist.

He was totally wrong for the actions that he performed against his victims. In a different breath though he was one of the first people that fought for black images that matched what we look like and got that image on TV. He was for educating blacks and ensuring that they knew where they came from and wanted them to keep an eye on the goals that they set and attian them. His legacy will be forever tarnished but I for one will remember his entire body of work not just the vicious rapist that we have learned him to be. His trial is over and he is locked up, let us all remember that there are many others still out there free to rape and sexually assualt whoever they deem prey for them.


Who’s up next? Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, Kevin Spacey, Steven Segal, Robert Kelly, Junot Diaz. All of these men are on the radar with a host of others. I don’t want everyone to forget all the others out there still free, this is not the SuperBowl, The Championship or any other monicker that can be placed on it. I can tell you what it really is; it is the beginning of a long road that must end in women being valued and respected. It would be great to see equality among the sexes it can’t happen if there are not changes in how we all think. There must be a change in the love we give to one another, the respect, there is no ownership of a woman or her dreams. The whole system has to change in order for our women to be safe from male dominated systems. It could have been one of our wives or daughters that were involved in one of theses situations. Some of you guys probably are going through something similar.

Prayer and faith along with the belief in our maker; let’s start there and then let common sense be the finisher of the dream. We all have talents that can be lent to dream and it won’t get fixed without all of us pulling together to create solutions.

Thanks for reading,
Arthur Poston Jr.