Article 29 – Praise and Uplift for my Beautiful Wife

I want to try and uplift you with my spirit and words babe. It is true that we are going through another of our rough phases.

I want to know that I have gone through this a number of times thinking of a different outcome. That in a definition is crazy on my part being the head of the family. We have had some successes doing so I will admit. We still have yet to conquer what I feel is our break through. I feel that you and I should be further along in our financial life than we are. That is my feeling my heart says that we are further along than I have ever dreamed. We have 6 healthy children that look to us for guidance and strength. I think we handle that task seriously very seriously.

I want to make you a promise that as we go through this life together we remain together. It is hard with the boys being unappreciative of anything that we do or give. We have to continue to teach and guide in hopes that they are hearing what we are speaking to them and really start having conversations with them on what is expected of them together. This is what we wanted so we have to embrace it and show our strength together and I want you to know that I am there with you in the trenches even though you try to do everything yourself.

I love you babe and always will.