Don’t Be Afraid


I would say one of the main reasons I avoid conflict is because I’m afraid of how the other person might respond. I get nervous they might be offended, or be hurt, or leave me. I’ve been so afraid of anything that resembled an argument or disagreement that I’ve shut down and avoided the conflict altogether.web1874729_ml

Maybe you relate and as a result, shy away from saying anything. Perhaps you end up living with the hurt or bottling it up, only to explode at another time. You can’t allow the fear of how another will react rob you of conflict resolution, and ultimately, peace.

Fear in this situation should be an indicator to yourself that conflict is not being handled properly. If this is you, today is the day you are being called to step out of that fear!

It is no coincidence you are reading this today and God has something He wants to do in your life in this specific area.

Will you let Him?

God did not give you a spirit of fear, but one of love, and this is a perfect reminder of how we should respond to any conflict. Go into it with love for the other person and God will honor you for that obedience. we all have these types of issues in our lives and some of us handle them better than others. I am working to not be one of those that are not willing to do the work on any conflict that I have. You shouldn’t be afraid to do the same. Don’t allow the fear to bottle you up to where you are shut down. Listen and hear first what your heart says then move on from there if possible.Conflict-Zones-600x250


Reposted from Navigating Conflict – You Version Bible