Mom on the Brain

These are my thoughts and observations on having a wife that has wanted to be a mom for a long-time or a mom that doesn’t know how to be anything but.

It is not a good or bad situation; it just is.

Women when you finally become a mother it is probably the biggest blessing that you will feel as an individual. Individual that is a great word we are all individuals, yet we are coupled together as husband and wife. Coupled together with man, woman, significant other to significant other. At that moment you as a woman have completed an individual event; so it would seem. Aside from having a husband or significant other, there has always been Christ. Whether we have chosen to accept him or not, he has always been there. This new life will be dependent on you and your husband for everything. It is a new life that was created by you, your spouse, and Christ. How then is it that a woman, who is now a mother makes it become her complete mission to do everything for this new life? There is a previous union, right? How is it that the birth of this new relationship is put before the first one? How does your husband feel now? Is there communication or dialogue that allows for this to take place?

This is mom-on-the-brain at its best. mombrainSingle women have this as their cross to bear every day. They have no one else there to help with the burden of feeding, clothing, sharing the growing moments of the first steps and other moments. They are everything to this new life, and that new life is everything to them, it is understandable to have those emotions well up inside them. There isn’t anyone else to for her turn to.

Women that have husbands has this affected your relationship? If it has then how do you plan on fixing it? If not then great, you may need to open a meetup life group to discuss how to manage those overwhelming feelings of motherhood in other women. The Research on this topic before writing it was eye-opening. It could be one of the reasons why a lot of guys cheat or, at least, a real one. It is a real topic that happens. It is great to love your children and give them what is required for them to be active and independent. The question I am posing is what happened to the first relationship? How did it get in this state? Did your husband do something to warrant this treatment? The images posted in this post are poking fun at how mothers organize their day. To mother’s these pictures that are probably reminder’s of what they lost. Something to make them laugh and a needed light-hearted uplift. As a husband, I looked at a lot of these images, Momsbrain1-562x727 and didn’t see any mention of a husband’s section, or if there was a mention, it is small just as there is no space for yourself to have fun. I am a man who can handle what life throws at me. I know there are other men out there that are dealing with it too. Stay positive and supportive to your wives and be a damn dad to your children. It will be a long road that will be dark sometimes. Know that Christ is with you and will bring the both of you through it. You can win moms and dads, but it is going to take you both. If the love you have for one another is as Christ loves us, then you can make it. Win at all costs; be that light for someone else. There is already enough darkness in this world. Dads and husbands don’t look for anyone to fill any empty spaces in your lives, turn your attention to Christ and your wife they are the only other people in it with you. You three can come out of the darkness together.

It can only happen together.

This post is meant to stir the pot, if not then nothing happens. Let’s get started.

Till next post, this has been