Relationship Conversations

Conversations in relationships are tough. In a loving and binding relationship where there are passions and different attitudes. Things are said; at different pitches and tones. It is up to the two in the conversation to get what they need from it. The conversation is the main part of the relationship.

There are a lot of people and probably couples that could benefit from easing down on the attitude and tone. I was trying to have what I thought was a simple conversation with my wife the other day.

During our talk I had gotten so passionate about it my voice was rising in pitch and I was animated while trying to describe things to her about my decision to continue on with more education. She told me that she didn’t even know what she would go back for. If she was to go back. She let me know that it felt to her like I was trying to force her to do something she wasn’t even sure she wanted to pursue. I didn’t feel like that I was doing that. You know what she said to alert me of it. She told me my tone and body language made her feel like I was upset that she didn’t want to get her master’s degree. After she let me know that; it gave me the necessary attitude adjustment to be that comfortable space that she could engage in the conversation again.

I don’t think I would have been able to be talked down that easy in the past. Probably would have blown up even more. When you care about the other person though you will make those adjustments in your life and your character to make them feel loved and comfortable.

If I described you in some of your conversations . Whether you are the aggressor or on the receiving end don’t be afraid to speak up. If the environment isn’t one where you can speak up, then you know you shouldn’t be there in the first place. Simple trick for simple conversations.

Till next post this had been,