Son’s Navy Graduation

We went to the Great Lakes to see our son graduate naval boot camp. It was an emotional day for all of us. We got in to Chicago and seen my wife’s sister and husband and talked about things to do once we picked him up and was allowed leave. Only when we finally were able to pick him up he was so stressed out from trying to prove himself to us that he wasn’t enjoying the visit from us. All in all though I think we were able to let him know that we are very proud of him and that he should really loosen up and enjoy the experience. I mean its his new beginning; where he is coming out a brand new butterfly that just emerged from his (6)

We were so happy to see him in that group of sailors and of course after he finally did loosen up he had some experiences to share with us. I was great and we could definitely see a lot of growth in him. The Navy has a lot of structure and foundation for him to be able to utilize as he moves through the early stages of his career. We think he will thrive in that environment, he follows instruction very well. It has been great to see the transformation into the young man he has become. It will also be great to see the man he wants to become, he is right on track at this point. download (2)As many of us know though it isn’t always a straight line that we must travel to get to our final destination. There will be some mistakes and wrong turns and you must learn from them all even when we don’t want to or think we did.

Sunday was a much better day even though it was shortened because we had to get back to North Carolina. He was in great spirits when we left. It was hard for us having to leave him there knowing our only access to him was through his phone. It was really fun hanging out with him and other family in the Chicago area.