Starting New Life Ventures

Our oldest son is preparing to leave the nest. He is joining the United States Navy. He is very excited to be heading into this part of his life. He talks about the travel, and the work he will be doing, how they have told him boot camp will be and what to expect. He is preparing himself and I for what will happen once he gets off the plane and arrives at the navy barrack’s. I personally  have feelings of anxiety, joy, pride, fear and love.

I am dad though.

He is starting his life and we are supporting him 100%. We hope that all of the lessons that we have taught him throughout his life and the conversations that he has had with other positive people along the way have staying power in his mind and heart. Those are going to be the lessons that will guide him through the first part of his new life. The fear that I have is my fatherly instinct to protect him. He’s a good kid not ever being in trouble and hardly ever leaving the house so to me he hasn’t grown-up yet or has he. His first tests of becoming a man in my eyes will be in the United States Navy. I know he is strong enough because he comes from me and we are strong in our faith. We haven’t always been that way but lately; lately being the last two years we have both undergone a transformation renewing our strength in our father above. His mom and I worry but again those are our worries not his. He knows the task before him and I know he will come out the other side stronger than when he went in.

Son be sure to respect your elders as you do at home and walk as tall as you can. I know you will make yourself proud. That will make mommy and me proud. this is just another one of those steps that I have been speaking of throughout your young life. Take it with pride and go get what you want out of life. Obeying the teachings of the Bible and us.

I love you son,