Just Don’t Wanna Know – Relationship Conversations

For those of us, men or women that are in relationships that are seemingly touch-less and you feel that you have done everything to ensure that your partner knows your heart. If you haven’t already, you should give that fight over to Jesus let him work that out for you. The arguments and the high volume debates will not help. It is up to the individual and Jesus to fix it.

Your partner may need to get outside help that does not initially involve you; stay strong in your faith and know that if the steps are placed in motion from the proper source, it will be taken care of, and the two of you will begin to heal. I haven’t been tight with Jesus too long, but I know from everything that I have personally read if we believe he can do it; it will be done. Like all people, some of us need the human touch more than others. Know that there are others in the world just as you are; fighting the same fight. I started the relationship conversation corner because when you have the feeling that you are not heard, you have a voice to share with others such as yourselves. The threat is real, and the enemy will try to break us if we allow it. I used to say that I was more spiritual than Christian. Now I know that being spiritual that is just the outer realm of becoming a Christian. I have carried burdens in my marriage that were just too heavy for me alone. I accepted Jesus again and started to pray daily and listen to what is in my heart. The strength that I feel daily; I know that he is walking with me. He is helping me carry it strengthening me and making me stronger. I don’t want Jesus to take the problem from me; I need to be made stronger to be able to deal with it. That is what I know has happened.
If you have to fulfill your need for touch, initiate it yourself go and hug your partner daily or give them a peck on the cheek. Do it; it will help it really will.

Continue through with your conversations requesting things of your mate letting them know your needs. Do not demand because demands only set you back to the beginning of the journey. There is a song that I heard in a movie that sums up what I am saying pretty well. It is from Tyler Perry’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”. I will place the lyrics below it was powerful to me maybe it will help you as well.

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Marvin Winans – Just Don’t Wanna Know Lyrics
Artist: Marvin Winans
Album: Miscellaneous
Genre: Christian

I hurt so many nights, I cried so many hours
Trying to make it right, I just didn’t have the power
You ignored all my tears in hopes they’d disappear
I tried to let it show

But I guess you just don’t wanna know

I came to you in love, I came to you in earnest
Could you possibly explain?
Oh my, my, why the flames? Why, why the furnace?
Oh, just needing to get it clear, I was hoping that you would hear
I tried to let it go

But I guess you just don’t wanna know

Now it’s true that God is always there
He said, He’d never leave
But at times the human touch is what I need
And if I had a dime for every time I tried to call your name

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Some tell me I’d be wealthy

But I learned that I could cope, yes, I did
I discovered I, I could make it
Woah, in the nights so long and cold, so cold
You don’t know how cold
I learned that I, I could take it

Oh, now I wouldn’t change a thing
Not for the knowledge
Not for the knowledge that I’ve gained
I learned that I could grow, I really did, I tried to let, let it show
I did, I tried to let it go

But I guess you just don’t wanna know

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