Manhood – Meaning of being a man

A man to me is someone who is looked upon as a righteous person. He does things that aren’t asked of him to help the next generation succeed. There are few men in this world that still hold true to this frame of mind. However there are not enough of us out there. The guys that always have an encouraging word for the youngsters. Whether it be helping them with confidence in a sport or just getting the confidence to try something new. As I grew from a young man to a man there were several guys that helped guide me on my path along with my dad. There will be mistakes and a lot of them. What we and the mentee has to realize is that as long as you are trying and being positive you can always be redeemed.

There are those young men that think they know. It is up to us who have been through a few things to a degree to be the strong soldiers and let them know when to be quiet and listen. This is certain you cannot hear if you yourself are speaking.

If and when they don’t listen and somehow they end up in a tragic situation. Then instead of being a student of life from mentors and true men, you will now have to learn more by trial and error. Still a student and maybe from those same mentor’s. Now though there are more difficult obstacles that wasn’t there earlier. Some of the conversations to himself might go like this. “He was telling me the truth and I didn’t want to hear it”. How am I going to dig myself out of this one? We know how though, you get a shovel and start digging. Once you start digging yourself out, don’t let anyone try to shovel more dirt back on you.  Meaning if you have paid your debt to whatever your indiscretion. There will be people who will always try to keep it in the forefront. Don’t let them make the change wholeheartedly. That could mean that you have to get new friends or change your life habits. It will be worth it though.

There will always be those young men that for whatever reason want to excel at doing wrong and evil things.For those young me there is a place for them too, most end up in a hole somewhere. Whether it is a grave or solitary confinement.

To those guys that may have those thoughts or are already in a hole of the correctional facility. You can change too. There will times when you think everyone is just picking on you. Remember though this is the path that you took, instead of choosing the higher road with several inclines. The path you chose was the one that was quicker going in the other direction but had a lot of obstacles and pitfalls. Like I stated above it will be hard but not impossible.

Jesus made a way for us all, just follow him and all will be just fine. He is most righteous.