Warriors vs. Cavs

Warriors vs. Cavs – Game 1

First I fell asleep on the game but awoke to find that the Warriors won without the outstanding play of their two stars. The bench mob as they like to be described came in and did their jobs. Lebron was and always will be Lebron but Kyrie and Kevin have to find their places in the game on the defensive end to make this a good series.

The Cavs played great against eastern conference talent that couldn’t really match them. Now though they are on the NBA Finals stage where to win it all you have to beat the best in the west as well. Well the Cavalier’s haven’t played well in the west all year-long. The games they won were nail biters, sure those are the games that bring team chemistry upfront in the locker room, but there has to be a total buy in from all involved. The Cav’s as long as they were tearing up the eastern conference looked like the eastern version of the Warriors. Now facing them the actual Warriors they have backslid to their old ways partially. I would love to see the Larry O’Brien trophy on the east coast again; however the Warriors aren’t going to just give it to them.

Stephen and Klay are two of the best in the NBA, with a bench that is down right awesome when at home. Stephen is from my area and I like the kid. He has moved to the west coast and become quite the player for the western side of the NBA. I like how the teams play in the final series of the playoffs. It would be great if that same play was exhibited throughout the entire season. I know it is a lot for them to do. Especially with the rule changes.

I think this will be a great series though. May the best team win.

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  1. Now that the games have switched to the east coast let’s see if the Cavs can make at least one game. Until now they have not been a part of these playoffs. Turnovers, jumbled passes, missed defensive assignments etc…. The Cavs have been all over the basketball spectrum lately trying to find some success against the Warriors. They are going to need to dig deep and find out who they are or be man handled by the Warriors. Offense is not the problem their defense is what will bring them alive, they have to realize this and start with defense first. If they can’t then they are done in this series and will need to re-tool for next years push for the finals.

    The Warriors up until this point have been very resilient it started with their near departure against against the Thunder. As last year proved it seems that the best series are against an opponent in their own conference. The west is stronger than the east at this point. We may have seen the best series with the Thunder vs. Warriors. Hopefully this eastern conference team can muster some spunk and cause the Warriors some discomfort so that us basketball fans can see a battle.

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  2. The game last night was exactly what the public wanted, and the NBA gave it to them. Myself I am of the accord that I would rather you beat me not cheat me. I say this because watching the game it was very apparent to me that it was not being called the same for both teams. In the first two games for both team in Oakland California Klay and Steph had problems with fouls. The rest of the team carried them at home as they should have. LeBron as he always does going down the lane trying to play bully ball was not being called for it. I set the seen for the reason, the Warriors had to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers there wasn’t any help given to them by anyone and they were at home. Home cooking should play out in your arena right? Well it certainly played out in Cleveland last night. I won’t get into the rules change that is now in place in the NBA.

    Kyrie Irving going to the basket throws himself into a player on a quick change crossover dribble to make sure that if the foul is not called he still has possession of the ball. Smart right, you would think so. I say then how can that move be pulled off if a player “Stephen Curry” is in his path the entire time and fouls him on the progression to the basket? It’s not possible. He had this called for him all night long. Curry doesn’t do himself any favors shooting the 3-point shot all the time and not getting into the lane as he should but on a lot of his dribble drives he is being hammered as well and nothing was called at all. When the calls did start to come his way the game was already in the hands of the Cavaliers. It happened a lot during the game it was apparent to probably a lot of people that actually have played at a high level that after the tip this was not going to be a fair played game. Coach Steve Kerr says that his team was not tough enough, while that may be true they weren’t allowed to play tough. Every swipe at the ball, body in position was called against the opposing team.


    I want to see a basketball game where the teams no matter who’s floor they are playing on takes one another’s best shot and we the fan gets to see who is left standing. If you allow one team an advantage the outcome will be as we saw last night. Cleveland is a lot slower and not defensively sound and yet tonight it was trying to make us believe that all they needed was to be on their home floor. Defensive prowess does not happen over the course of an NBA series and real players know that. If the same happens in game 5 which it should because the stars for the Warriors should be on the floor that night to show the fans in Cleveland how real basketball is played. The Cavaliers didn’t play better defensively they were allowed to get to places on the floor that they shouldn’t have been allowed to. The Warriors weren’t allowed to keep the Cavaliers uncomfortable as they have all season.

    So as I said beat them don’t cheat them.


  3. I think the Warriors will close on Monday. It was almost as if they lost game three so that they could win on their floor. It is not a good idea to do it in that fashion but it certainly will be welcomed by the Warriors fan base. WE finally got a pretty good game. At the end of the third was when the Warriors took control. It was a very chippy game one where both sides was able to get off some cheap shots in frustration where the refs swallowed their whistles.

    The tone for the Cavaliers can’t be put on LeBron’s shoulders, he made great passes out a little high but still good enough to convert on. The entire Cavalier’s team has to come to grips with that loss. What the rest of the Cavalier’s have to realize is that LeBron has two Championship rings already, it is up to the “others” to make their own statement on the game themselves. The “others” have to want the championship for themselves and not ride his coat tails to get one. I thought he should have shot those shots but maybe he saw something the rest of us didn’t. He may be kicking himself for this one, but that is something that he will need to move on from and try to get at least one more game. It has been said by everyone that no one can win coming from three down. No one has but maybe Cleveland can who knows.

    Here’s to hoping there is at least one more good game played before all contact sports cease until football begins in the early fall.

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