Celebrities forgiven real men scorned

It is great when any type of person bares their heart to their loved one that is in the foxhole of life with them and asks for forgiveness for a transgression. What is unrealistic is that a celebrity partner can publicly come out and admit something to their spouse or significant other and the public forgives them. Social media condemns and forgives quicker than real life. It is the world and just how it goes. How does the person who has been lied to, cheated on, etc… handle it? The social media public is everywhere. Everyone has at least one follower to something that they have posted on some website, or social media application.

Just because the followers say the person should be forgiven doesn’t mean that it actually happens any differently for the other person than a regular everyday person living life. The public couple will conduct life just as everyone else, it will just be public for all to see. There will be side-eye, there will be follow-ups, there will be constantly apologies. All this will still take place in their home just like yours until the trust is restored or the relationship or marriage is trashed. So just like you can log on to a website and add your comment to a celebrity’s business or public figures life. It would be nice for you to remember the next time when your relationship comes into play, in a manner similar that which you forgave the TV personality online earlier but can’t forgive your real flesh and blood lover. The world is not in your life you have to live it everyday. People are people the difference is the amount of money that they have. Piece of mind is a lot more important though, if you can’t trust the person who is lying next to you at night and you can’t get back to that level where what they did earlier to make you see them as special is hard to do now because of the mistake or mistakes. It makes the choices to move forward harder and now everything has to be stripped down like taking a car to the metal and re painting it. Sure it may be the same color but now you know each piece that was put on that body to make it look that way. If the apology is real and heartfelt why not listen, it may save your heart and life a lot of pain. Sure it will be hard but so is life.

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